Lateral Blue plays more than just music. This is post-modern art and composition wearing a bluegrass belt buckle.
— Sean Dietrich (Sean of the South)

Good bands write and record good, creative music. Listeners quickly found with their second release that Lateral Blue is more than your average ‘’good band’’. They adapt to what they are given, providing the listener a constant companion in the most intimate morning commutes and the liveliest evening concerts. They prove that in some of the strangest social climates, music can still be a safe escape route into our own imagination.

Each member in this quartet of twenty-somethings found their roots in different places. Caleb Edwards [mandolin/vocals] grew up steeped in the bluegrass scene of southern Indiana, Laura Epling [fiddle/vocals] in the free-spirited hills of West Virginia, Kyle Lee [banjo] in the heart of Tennessee, and Kori Caswell [bass/vocals] on the riverbanks in Missouri. Their passions and points of view joined in Nashville, TN to create the unique band that is Lateral Blue.

The band writes as a group, building upon seeds of ideas that each musician brings to the family table. Their first original project was the 2018 EP “Time & Place”. This music blends the timeless sound of old acoustic instruments with the modern attitude of young, hungry musicians. 


It’s tone is dark, but refreshing in its interpretation of such an old art form. Original songs, such as Born of These Hills (a modern folk ballad) feature a mix of bluegrass and folk with a raging fiddle tune spliced between verses of Americana mythology. It also plays with tinges of pop and melodic plot twists in the songs Carbon Copy and Evelyn. These unique compositions laid the groundwork for the band’s sound.

Just a year later, their second project (first full-length), "Go Your Own Way: A Bluegrass Tribute to the 70's" was released with Burton Avenue Music. What may have been an unexpected choice, proved to be just another step in the direction of their subdued musicality. Picking some of the best songs from the era, Lateral Blue proves just how versatile the band really is. The album is an artistic endeavor masked in nostalgia resulting in the feeling that you are listening to a group of musicians playing their favorite songs in the front room.

video and photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Raitz